Pewter Flying Christmas Angel Jewerly Pin

Follow @CrystalPer You will look great wearing this cute Christmas Angel Pin. Imagine the compliments you will...

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$6.00 $1.97

Smiley Face Angel Shamrock Jewelry Pin – St. Patrick’s Day

Follow @CrystalPer Get your Green on for St. Patrick’s Day with this cute Smiley Face Angel Shamrock...

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$13.97 $11.97

Clear Eight Large Crystal Stretch Headband

Follow @CrystalPer This is a beautiful Clear Crystal Stretch Headband that can be worn for any fancy occasion....

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Purple Headband Glittery Sparkly Stretch Headband

Follow @CrystalPer Looking for a cute and stylish headband then you have found it!!! This headband is great for...

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$7.97 $6.97


Follow @CrystalPer Inventory Closeout Item!!! This pin has green crystal eyes. A great dog jewelry pin to show...

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$5.97 $2.97

Smiley Face Angel Heart Jewelry Pin

Follow @CrystalPer The Smiley Face Angel Heart Jewelry Pin is the perfect small gift for Valentine’s Day....

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$12.00 $5.97

Shih Tzu Enamel Dog Jewelry Pin

Follow @CrystalPer If you are a Shih Tzu dog owner or know someone who owns a Shih Tzu then this dog jewelry pin...

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$22.00 $4.99

Bengals Crystal Jewlery Pin – Cat Jewelry

Follow @CrystalPer Let others know your love for Cats and that you own a Bengal Cat or like Bengal Cats. This pin...

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$27.00 $11.97

Title Mama Crystal Jewelry Pin

Follow @CrystalPer This is a closeout item!!! If you want people to know that you are in the mortgage business...

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$12.00 $3.99

Dachshund Dog Pewter Zipper Pull

Follow @CrystalPer Dachshund Dog Pewter Zipper Pull Inventory Clearance Item.  One more of the items we are...

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$12.00 $5.97

Collie Dog Enamel Jewelry Pin

Follow @CrystalPer COLLIE ENAMEL DOG PIN Inventory Clearance!!!  This is one of our jewelry pins that is on...

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$18.00 $4.99

I Heart Cats – Crystal Jewelry Pin

Follow @CrystalPer I Love Cats Inventory closeout special!!!  We are clearing out some of our inventory and you...

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$33.00 $21.95

Escrow Angel Crystal Jewelry Pin

Follow @CrystalPer Our Escrow Angel Crystal Jewelry Pin would make a great gift or buy one for yourself to help...

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$8.95 $5.95

Crystal Christmas Tree Charm – Christmas Holidays

Follow @CrystalPer Crystal Christmas Tree Charm – Christmas Holidays This is a cute Christmas charm perfect...

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$15.00 $9.77

Crystal Charm Cover Ring

Follow @CrystalPer Crystal Charm Cover Ring These crystal cover rings are used to help Make Your Own Earrings....

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